COVID Future team to present at TRB conference in January 2022

We are pleased to announce that research from the COVID Future team has been accepted to the annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board in January. The following research will be presented at the conference:

  • Expected Change in U.S. Air Travel After the COVID-19 Pandemic, Sara Khoeini et al.*
  • Observed and Expected Impacts of COVID-19 on Travel Behavior in the United States. A Panel Study Analysis, MJ Javadinasr et al.
  • The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Telecommuting in the United States, Deborah Salon et al.
  • Examining the Stickiness of Telecommuting after the COVID-19 Pandemic, Yalda Mohammadi et al.
  • The Stability of Transport-Related Attitudes over Time: A Case Study During COVID-19, Laura Mirtich et al.
  • Measuring Population Attitudes, Preferences, and Values: A Tale of Weighting Two Surveys Reveals an Exercise in Futility, Denise da Silva Baker et al.

*This paper has also been accepted for publication in Transportation Research Record, the conference’s associated journal.

The data used for our research is publicly available and can be downloaded here. We encourage the research community to join us in using this dataset to better understand what the post-COVID future will look like.

This post will be updated with information on the dates and times of presentations, when available.

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