Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) publishes COVID Future survey findings!

Our team is excited to report that key findings from Wave 1 of the COVID Future survey were published yesterday as a Brief Report in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The article is titled The potential stickiness of pandemic-induced behavior changes in the United States, and openly accessible to all.

PNAS published the following press tip to accompany the article’s release:

“Researchers report a survey of U.S. adults on potential behavioral changes post-pandemic and find expected rises in telecommuting and decreases in air travel. The COVID-19 pandemic posed a massive disruption to normal modes of working, socializing, dining, and traveling, with the question of how much of the reinvented modes of living would persist once the pandemic subsides. Deborah Salon and colleagues conducted a nationally representative survey of 7,613 adults between July and October 2020, asking about pre-pandemic, pandemic-era, and expected post-pandemic behaviors pertaining to telecommuting, restaurant patronage, air travel, online shopping, transit use, car commuting, use of walking and biking, and home location. Participants reported an increase in expected telecommuting, from 13% pre-pandemic to 26%. The increase in telecommuting, however, is not equitably distributed across the population, the authors note. Survey results also indicated an expected rise in online grocery shopping, a rise in walking and biking, a decline in restaurant patronage, and a decreased demand for air travel – especially for business. According to the authors, the results suggest that post-pandemic life will feature a new normal in which behaviors from the COVID-19 era are likely to stick.”

Check it out!

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